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YouTube Mods Required

If you enjoy watching our YouTube channel, become a part of the community.

YouTube Mods

If you would like to become one of our trusted mods, please fill in the form below.

YouTube is a brilliant community but often trolls come in just to cause havoc.

We are looking for people that spend a long time in our YouTube chat that would benefit the community by helping with chat moderation.

There are many perks for becoming a mod including free merchandise and VIP hospitality.

We have now added a huge profanity list that should help a majority of words and variants so most of the work should now be done automatically, but there will always be someone that will beat the system and cause havoc.

To become a mod you must not be easily affected by what these keyboard warriors say as sometimes they can try to get personal. You must also never retaliate as this just fuels the fire.

You will have the power to block people with a click of a button but should also be able to tell if someone is genuine or not.

If you feel you can handle all the above and would be interested in moderating our ever growing YouTube channel, then please fill in the form below to apply.

YouTube Mods

  • Required to receive activation code.