Below is information for our video production packages.

  • We can offer any length of advert to our clients. Standard AdPlays up to 15 seconds and Premium AdPlays over 15 seconds
  • The clients can use their own video adverts if required
  • Our adverts typically have minimal play lengths of 10 seconds (for blog videos and recordings) and 30 seconds (for live streaming footage). If any videos are longer than than this a skip button will appear for viewers to watch content.
  • The video adverts are clickable and this will send the viewer to the client’s website or to any URL the client would like.
  • Advert plays can be geolocated so they are only delivered to a specific geographical area.
  • Adverts can be delivered for allocated periods, until the AdServe plays have run out or a combination of both.

Video Production Packages

  Basic Animation Premium Animation Video Production
Price £195 £295 From £495
Cost to AdServe £90 £150 From £249
Package Simple animations with photos and logo Advanced animation with animated objects Includes onsite production team and optional drone pilot @ £99 P/H
Ideal for Small businesses on a budget Small to medium businesses that don’t require any filming. Fully professional advert.

The following video is from a Dawlish Beach Live stream and contains a 30 second ad every 15 minutes and then after the 3rd advert, the adverts alternate between a 15 second and a 30 second ad.

The video below is a recorded video from Dawlish Beach with an (up to) 15 second advert.

 AdServe Plays (PAYG Advertising)

  • AdServe Plays reference the amount of times the ads are played
  • Ads are bought in bulk and there is an administration fee of £29.99 per purchase of ad plays
  • The higher the quantity of ad plays purchased, the cheaper for the client.
  • AdPlays are only counted as played once the advert has played in full or clicked
  • AdPlays don’t count if the advert is stopped early or the browser is closed
  15 Second Ads 30 Second Ads
Minimum time ad played 15 seconds 30 Seconds
Maximum time ad can be played Up to 5 minutes Up to 5 minutes
Price to client PAYG £0.05 per add play £0.10 per add play
Bulk Discount
5,000 £129 £249
10,000 £199 £399
15,000 £349 £699
20,000 £379 £749
50,000 £799 £1799
100,000 £1749 £3499
250,000 £3499 £6999

Advert Delivery

We use a 3rd party company to deliver our clients adverts to to the client call AdButler. The client can view their own advert stats by clicking the Client Admin Area button at the top right hand side of the site.