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A brief overview of what we sell and who we sell to.

VAST Video Ads and Image Banner Ads.

We sell 2 types of adverts, video adverts and image banner adverts.

The video adverts are called VAST adverts which stands for Video Ad Serving Template. They are an industry standard advert that is used for various types of broadcasting including YouTube and other on-demand video websites.

The video adverts we create are loaded to a VAST Ad Server and from there we can determine which cameras they are played on, how many times they are played and if they are longer than standard, we can also add a skip button for the viewer to skip the content after 30 seconds.

We use our huge social media presence to keep sending our followers to the free cameras.


Monthly Page Views (March 2018)


Adverts Delivered on Dawlish Beach Cams (March 2018)

1 Million +

Facebook Live Video Views (March 2018)

Some of our Video Ads

Click on the play button on the left to see some of our latest adverts. Our video adverts only run on the FREE cameras on the Dawlish Beach Cams website which you can see here. The video adverts are clickable and can be linked to any web page the client desires (the videos on the left aren’t clickable).

Image Banner Ads

A web banner or image banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. These banners are delivered by our central ad server.

Below is a clickable Banner Ad.

Dawlish Beach Cams Keeps Growing

Dawlish Beach Promotions provides professional video advertisements to relevant and appropriate audiences. We work with Local, Tourism, Property and Ecommerce businesses to deliver professional adverts to their potential customers.

Business owners and marketing managers turn to Dawlish Beach when:

  • Seeking a competitive advantage by broadcasting professional adverts to relevant clients
  • They are frustrated that their current advertising strategy isn’t hitting the correct target audience
  • Their current advertising solution is not delivering the results promised when it was sold to them
  • They are looking to promote to a more mature audience
  • They want clients to see their full-length video adverts without a skip button

Dawlish Beach continues to grow because we are different from what you will find in well-known digital video advertising formats.

  • Our premium adverts play for 30 seconds with no skip button
  • Our video adverts are more effective that TV adverts as they must be watched initially to see the content
  • We are the go to website for information on Dawlish
  • Our adverts tend to target a more mature audience of 45 and above
  • Your statistics are updated in real time on our website
  • Unlike larger video websites, you choose the content your advert is delivered with
  • We deliver around 250,000 adverts per month
  • Increased CTR (click through rate) on your adverts due to audience targeting

Social Media Followers


Business Owners see a better ROI with video advertising

The FREE Dawlish Beach Cams

There are currently 4 live cameras on Dawlish Beach Cams and 3 of them are FREE.

The only cameras that that is subscription only is the original San Remo Camera pictured below.

The three FREE cameras are as follows:

Mount Pleasant Cam

The Blenheim Cam

Click the images to visit the cameras

Salty Cottage Cam

Our Clients Include:

The Blenheim, Dawlish
Dawlish Warren Tourism
Lockwood House Camping, Dawlish
Emerald Interiors, Dawlish
Exetec Training, Dawlish
Leadstone Camping, Dawlish Warren
Love Dawlish
Open Daw, Dawlish
R&B Hair, Dawlish
Salty Cottage, Teignmouth
The Shoe Centre, Dawlish
Devon Sea Safari, Teignmouth
Little Mermaid Cottage, Dawlish
Breathe Outdoors, Dawlish
Marine Tavern, Dawlish

Millions of ads delivered every year!

“Since taking over the Blenheim in August 2015 The Blenheim camera video ad has been a huge source of business for us. We no longer need a vacancy sign as business is booming!

The adverts on the camera have been great for our quieter winter periods as guests want to see the view first hand of the stormy sea and amazing train views.

We have not looked back and continue to enjoy the boosts in business the video adverts bring. Dawlish Beach Promotions are always professional and we look forward to their and our continued success.”

Ali, The Blenheim B&B

“After taking our advert out on Dawlish Beach Cams our website traffic increased 3 fold.

60% off all our visitors were from the Dawlish Beach Cams website and only 6% of traffic was from the Camping and Caravanning Club”

Dave, Lockwood House Camping


From static banner adverts to profession video ads.