Special Offer for Chamber of Trade Members

Unlimited ads until November 2019

Banner Ads
Video Ads

Display your business in front of thousands of tourists and visitors this year.

Throughout June we are offering any members of the Dawlish Chamber of Trade to promote their business on Dawlish Beach Cams.

This season we are targeting all visitors to Dawlish with leaflets to visit our website to check the tide and beaches from their devices.

Unlimited Views

Your promotion will be displayed throughout the holiday season.

Geo Targeting

Your promotion will be prioritised to visitors in the Dawlish area to entice them to visit your business.


View your stats for your promntional campagin in real time.


Below is an example of our banner ads. They are displayed on our Home page and all of our free camera pages.

Here’s a selection of prommotions we have provided for local businesses.

The banner and video ads are then clicked to take the visitor to your website or social media page.

Making an Impact for your Business

Dawlish Beach Cams delivers a minimum of 5,000 adverts per day for our clients and this come from our 30,000 weekly users.

The popularity of Dawlish Beach Cams continues to grow with well over 1500 organic new follower on social media every month. 

Huge Social Media Following

Our followers continue to grow with over 60,000 people over all our social media channels now.

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Other Social Channels

The Right Choice

If you would like more information on our promotions please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.